Saturday, May 30, 2009


Since I believe that ALL citizens should be treated equally and fairly, I have become an advocate for gay rights. Most posts will be related to this issue since it is such a heated topic right now. I may sneak a few other topics in from time to time, such as my communications with departed souls. Yes, you heard me right, I communicate with the dead. And lately I’ve been having some interesting conversations with a surprising advocate for gay rights. He was a great man in life, with many accomplishments for good to his credit, However, all the good he did in life is being overshadowed in death by his biggest mistake; writing Prop 22, which was like a stab in the heart to his gay son David. I’m speaking directly to the late Senator, William “Pete” Knight who died of Leukemia in 2004. He is a beautiful, delightful man, who simply wants to say, I’m sorry, David -- I love you.

Author's note: Since making this post Pete Knight has become silent. I can only assume that his unfinished business with David is now complete and he has moved on.

I have also had direct experience with the activation of my chakras and know with certainty these energy centers exist within our human bodies. When we understand them and pay attention to them they give our mind vital information regarding our own well being and sometimes the well being of those around us. My first conscious chakra experience possibly saved my husband Steve's life. I will do a post later on to explain this event.

Enjoy our journey; it’s great to have you on board.


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