Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chakras Explained

When our upper and lower chakras are connected by the loving energy of the heart, we are freed from the divisive power of labels. There is no more us and them, good and bad, right and wrong; there is only the oneness of our connection to our source and everything else in the cosmos.

In Eastern Philosophy, primarily Hindu, it's believed that we have seven energy systems in our bodies called chakras. More and more people, however, are being awakened to these energy centers like I have been, so it isn't just associated with Hindus any longer. The first chakra is at the base of our tail bone, the 2nd is right below our belly button, 3rd solar plexus, 4th the heart, 5th the throat, 6th the center of the forehead and 7th at the crown of the head. Each have a different color and vibration associated with them. They are the colors of the rainbow starting with red at #1. The bottom 3 give us grounding and the ability to live as mortals on the planet. They connect us to the earth, give us the desire to have power, create and procreate, earn a living, and mingle with man. They also cause the baser instincts like pride, greed, jealousy, hatred and fear. The center chakra at the heart connects the lower and upper chakras. The upper chakras give us the ability to connect with our inner soul, which is pure and perfect, and ultimately our source, our creator, God. The Hindu belief is that when we come to earth our lower chakras are activated to help us adjust to mortal life. But as our search for meaning develops, and if we become engaged in a search for God we begin, mainly through prayer and meditation, to activate the upper chakras, which helps us commune directly with our source. This is what the great sages and mystics have been doing for thousands of years.

When our heart chakra becomes engaged a transformation occurs like no other. We feel the connection that exists between us and all living things on the planet and we realize our unity and wholeness. We feel the unwavering emotion of love and it transcends all of the negative emotions that exist. That in turn helps us do the inner work which activates the top 2 chakras, and when that occurs we have moments of complete divine connection to God.

Most people on the planet are ruled by the bottom 3 chakras. Although many are engaged in religious actions, they still remain grounded to the earth plane by way of need for power, greed and pride. The more we let go of the need to control, to gain power or attain wealth, the more our direct connection to our creator opens up. Once we really feel His unconditional love for us, the need or desire for sin slips away and our love for all of humanity takes over and becomes our guiding force.

When I say unconditional love, I'm referring to it as a verb. However, the action comes from within each of us and doesn't even need to be visible to the outside world. We don't need to change the punitive actions set up to punish those who break the law, or are a danger to themselves or society, it's simply a change within us which radiates love and joy to all, free of judgment and fear. When we make that change within ourselves we transform the world around us, literally. The same is true when we feel anger, hostility, fear, jealousy, hatred. Those emotions transform our world to reflect those very emotions back to us. Life is a mirror of our inner world.

When Christ said "The Kingdom of Heaven is Within you" he meant it literally. When enough people are able to make this one simple change within themselves of extending pure unconditional love directly from their hearts with no thought of judgment attached to it, the world will be transformed and become heaven. Some who have achieved enlightenment already see the world as heaven, their outer world reflects their inner peace based in God's love. But most are still projecting a world based on their own inner fears. When we make the journey from our 1st chakra to the 7th we will have communion directly with God, and the planet will find peace.The Hindus call this the marriage between Shakti and Shiva.

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